Sharia Law In America

Sharia Law Advancing in America

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Sharia Law in America

Sharia law in AmericaSharia law in the United States of America ("America") has reached Islamic Expansion Phase 3. Sharia law's recent advances in America include these examples:

•  Public American schools with Muslim students are holding Sharia law-required prayers towards Mecca.

•  Public American universities are building Sharia-required washing facilities.

•  In 2000, the Republican National Convention became the first American presidential convention to open with a Muslim prayer to Allah, the moon god.

•  In 2007, Quran for the first time was used to swear into office a new US Congressman (above).

•  In 2009, a Christian US soldier at Baghram Air Force Base in Afghanistan received Bibles in two local languages sent by his American church as planned. The US military confiscated those Bibles and instead of at least sending them back to the church, burned them. By contrast, when Terry Jones, a pastor in Florida announced his plan to burn a copy of the Quran in 2010, General David Petraeus, the commander of the US military in Afghanistan, strongly objected to his plan, while Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State denounced it as "disgraceful".

•  Court cases involving conflicts between Sharia and civil laws are spreading in America. Many states are passing laws banning the use of Sharia law in court but are being challenged in court by Muslim groups that also campaign against politicians who sponsor and/or support such laws.

•  To attract and manage (Middle Eastern) Muslim wealth, increasing numbers of American financial institutions are becoming Sharia-compliant. This requires donating a percentage of their annual profits to Islamic organizations designated by their Sharia-compliance advisors, many of whom are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and funnel money to even terrorist groups (donations must go to one or more of eight recipient categories, one of which is Jihad).

•  Muslim taxi drivers are challenging local authorities to have the right not to pick up blind passengers with seeing-eye dogs, while Muslim supermarket cashiers are challenging their employers for the right to refuse to sell products from pigs. Both are considered unclean in Islam.

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