Islamophobia Definition



What is "Islamophobia"?

Islamophobia"Islamophobia" was originally coined by Muslims in the 1970s but gained little attention until the 1990s, when The Runnymede Trust, a British race relations think tank, formed its Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia (CBMI).

In 1991, the Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia defined Islamophobia as, "an outlook or world-view involving an unfounded dread and dislike of Muslims, which results in practices of exclusion and discrimination," while its 1997 report titled, Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All, defined Islamophobia as, "unfounded hostility towards Muslims, and therefore fear or dislike of all or most Muslims."

Are these definitions of Islamophobia accurate?

The Oxford Dictionary defines "phobia" as, "irrational fear or dislike of a specified thing or group," while the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as, "exaggerated fear." Combining the two definitions defines "phobia" as, "irrational or exaggerated fear or dislike of a specified thing or group," and Islamophobia as, "irrational or exaggerated fear or dislike of Islam."

Are non-Muslims' fear or dislike of Islam "irrational" or "exaggerated"?

Muhammad killed thousands of non-Muslims (see Religion of Peace), his Quran tells Muslims to "kill" non-Muslims (see No Compulsion in Religion), and Muslims are killing non-Muslims indiscriminately around the world, including in USA (Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino), UK (London, Manchester), France (Paris, Nice), Belgium (Brussels), Spain (Madrid), Germany (Berlin), Russia (Beslan, Saint Petersburg), Indonesia (Bali).

The are also killing Christians discriminately in the Middle East (e.g., Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey), Africa (e.g., Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Cameroon, Chad, Mali, Ivory Coast, Somalia) and Asia (e.g., The Philippines, Indonesia).

Therefore, the fear or dislike of Islam is neither "irrational" nor "exaggerated" nor "unfounded," but eminently rational and founded in light of the instructions in the Quran and the actions of Muhammad and Muslims today. It would in fact be irrational to not fear or dislike those who are trying to kill you. After all, would you accuse the Jews in Europe in 1942 of suffering from irrational "Naziphobia" (see Hitler and Islam)?

"Islamophobia" is a misnomer coined by Muslims (see Muslim Brotherhood) as part of their campaign (see Taqiyya) to neutralize the opposition to and prevent the criticism of Islam that it deserves.

Does it work?

In 2014, an outside investigation revealed that in Rotherham, a British town of about 100,000 inhabitants, "at least" 1,400 of the town's young, white, mostly 12 to 14-year-old girls had been repeatedly raped and gang raped by the town's Muslim men of Pakistani origin, many of whom drive the town's taxis.


The abuse was coordinated and had been going on for over a decade. The town's mostly-white authorities, including the police, had been aware of the crimes for years but had kept silent until the 2014 investigation exposed them. When asked why they had kept silent, they replied that they had been afraid of being labeled racists or Islamophobes.

What happened in Rotherham is happening across the UK (watch the video below) and Europe (see Muslim refugees).