Islam's Moon God Allah

Islam's Allah = Arabia's Moon God

Allah Moon God

Is Allah the God of the Bible, or is Allah the moon god of ancient Arabia?

Allah Moon GodWhile "Allah" could refer to God literally, the Allah of Islam is the moon god of ancient pagan Arabia.

The Arabic word for "god" is "ilah," while "al" is the Arabic for "the." Therefore, "Allah" combines "al" with "ilah" and removes the "i" to literally means, "the god."

But much like "YHWH/Yahweh/Jehovah" is the personal name of the God of the Bible, "Allah" is also the personal name of the moon god, the chief among the three-hundred sixty pagan idols that were worshipped in Mecca, the home town of Muhammad.

Is there evidence that Islam's "Allah" is the pagan moon god of ancient Mecca?

Consider what the ancient pagan Arabians did to worship their moon god Allah: they prayed while bowing toward K'abah, the "house of Allah" in Mecca that houses a meteorite - a rock from space - several times a day, visited it once a year, and walked around it several times during their visit. To worship their Allah today:

Kabah Hajj•  Muslims pray bowing toward the K'abah (right) in Mecca five times a day.

•  About two million Muslims visit Mecca every year and walk around the K'abah (the black cube, which is 40 feet tall).

•  The Muslim "holy" month of Ramadan starts at the sighting of a new crescent moon.

•  Perched atop churches across the world is the cross, the symbol of the sacrifice made by the God of the Bible (see The Gospel). Perched atop mosques across the world is the crescent moon (above), the symbol of Muhammad's Allah, the god of Islam.

When confronted with the details above, Muslim typically re-assert that "Allah" still means "al" + "ilah" - i.e., "the" + "god" - and is same as the God of the Bible, not the moon god of pagan Mecca. They even point out that Arabic Christian Bibles use "Allah" to refer to God.

The "Allah" in the Arabic Christian Bibles is literally "the God" and does refer to the God of the Bible. Advise Muslims that if this is really the God they are worshipping, then they should stop bowing down to a meteorite five times a day and the crescent moon should neither start their "holy" month nor top their mosques. If the "Allah" they are worshipping is genuinely the God of the Bible, then they should worship Him as the Bible instructs.