Muslims In Germany

Muslims In Germany Growing

Muslims in Germany

Muslims in Germany

The modern history of Muslims in Germany dates back to the 1930s when Adolph Hitler rose to power, helped Muslims grow the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East, and militarized Muslims into two of Germany's 38 Waffen-SS Divisions (see Hitler Islam).

Muslims fought for Germany during the Second World War but few of them fought in or settled in Germany after the war. In the late 1940s, Muslims in Germany still numbered only a few thousand (see Sharia law in Europe).

Things changed dramatically after 1961, however, when West Germany, short of men and in need of cheap labor to drive its industrial growth, opened its gates to guest workers from Turkey. Many of the Muslims who came to work settled in Germany and reproduced at a higher rate than the Germans.

Today, the official number of Muslims in Germany exceeds six million, of whom four million are not German citizens. The unofficial numbers are higher and both numbers will increase as Germany continues to accept large numbers of Muslim refugees.

How is Germany dealing with the rise of Islam within its borders?

The greatest fear of a German is being called a racist or a neo-Nazi. Gripped by this fear, the Germans are avoiding the eerie similarities between Islam and Nazism (see below) and repeating their catastrophic error of letting fascism grow unopposed.

Admire(d)   Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler (see Hitler Islam)
Read   Mein Kampf Mein Kampf  (#6 Most Read)
Believe(d) Themselves to be superior Themselves to be superior
Despise(d)   Jews and Christians Jews and Christians
Pursue(d)   World conquestWorld conquest
By   Force Force
Promise(d) Peace   To Neville Chamberlain See Religion of Peace
Lie(d)   To the rest of Europe See Taqiyya
Raрe(d)   Women of invaded lands See Taharrush
Execute(d)   Undesirables Infidels
Deem(ed) Men   Expendable soldiersExpendable soldiers
Deem(ed) Women   Breeders of soldiers Breeders of soldiers
 Unopposed   For too long For too long
By Those   Who tried to appease Who tried to appease
Bound   For hell For hell
Need(ed)   True Gospel The Truth