Taharrush Gamea (Jamai) and Jinsi

Taharrush Gamea

TaharrushWhat is "Taharrush Gamea"?

Taharrush Gamea is not a "game" as some Muslims claim. In Arabic, Taharrush means "harassment," Jinsi means "seхual," and Gamea (pronounced and spelled, Jamai by non-Egyptian Muslims) means "mass" or "group." Taharrush Gamea is the coordinated seхual assault of a girl or a woman in public by a mass of Muslim men.

How is Taharrush Gamea coordinated in public?

A group of Muslim men target a (non-Muslim) woman who is not wearing Hijab in a crowd, encircle her, sometimes singing, dancing and/or chanting, and push her companions, if any, out of the circle. The woman is caught off guard and at first thinks the Muslim men just want to sing and dance with her, until the circle closes around her, at which point more Muslim men join to form three layers that render the circle virtually impenetrable.

At that point, those in the inner layer rip off the woman's clothes, grope, beat, seхually assault and raрe her while those in the second layer watch the assault take place, and those in the outer layer, who are too far away or too short to watch the assault, dissuade or fight off would-be rescuers, even telling them that they are just helping a woman in need.

Do the Muslim men who commit Taharrush Gamea know each other?

Not all of them, but they all recognize Taharrush Gamea as it starts to form and consider it masculine to join or help their Muslim brothers gang raрe a girl or woman. Taharrush Gamea is what Lara Logan, a reporter then with CBS News, suffered in Egypt in 2011 (watch below), and what the German women suffered on the New Years Eve in 2016 (see Islamophobia and Muslim refugees).

Does Taharrush Gamea take place only at night?

Watch the third video below.

What should be done about Taharrush Gamea?

1.  Girls and women should avoid crowds of Muslim men, crowds with crowds of Muslim men, and being alone with Muslim men in general. Taharrush Gamea is what they do to women in public; think about what they do to women out of the public eye. Almost 100% of the raрes committed by strangers in the Norwegian capital of Oslo in 2016 were committed by Muslim men (see Muslim refugees) against native Norwegian girls and women. Islam condones violence against women, who are considered men's sexual property (see Quran and Sharia law).

2.  Non-Muslim men in the crowd must recognize Taharrush Gamea as soon as it begins to form and immediately intervene in large numbers to rescue the woman before the circle closes.

3.  The entire mob of Muslim men who participate in Taharrush Gamea should be arrested and prosecuted for raрe, aiding and abetting raрe and/or attempted raрe, and their victim-targeting mechanism - Hijab - should be banned.

(WARNING: The first and second videos below are GRAPHIC and DISTURBING.)