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Palestine Issue

Palestine Issue

Palestine IssueWhat exactly is the "Palestine Issue"?

According to Muslims, it is Israel's conquest of Palestine and repression of the Palestinians. Muslims claim that this Palestine issue and the West's unconditional support for Israel are the fundamental driver of the Muslim hatred and war against the West (see War Against Islam and Islamophobia).

The Palestinians are being repressed and the Palestinian issue is a serious one, but it is not the drivers of the Muslims' aggression against the West.

When Muslims argue otherwise, ask them if the Quran's call to subjugate the world under Islam hinges on the Palestine issue: if all Jews were to somehow vacate Israel and allow the Palestinian refugees to return, would the Quran's call for Muslims to subjugate the world under Islam expire (see No Compulsion in Religion)?

If they opt for honesty instead of Taqiyya, they will have to admit that the Quran's call for Muslims to subjugate the world under Islam will remain in effect even if the Palestine issue were somehow resolved to the complete satisfaction of all Muslims.

The same is true concerning the U.S. military bases in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Persian gulf that other Muslims cite as the driver of Islam's aggression against the West. The Muslim quest to subjugate Europe, UK, America and the rest of the world under the Sharia law will continue even if all U.S. military bases and personnel left the Persian gulf.

Muhammad was a ruthless warlord who subjugated others through military aggression, and his Quran commands Muslims to follow suit. The fundamental driver of Islam's war against the West is the Quran-instructed and Muhammad-exemplified violent nature of Islam.