Sharia Law In Europe

Sharia Law Spreads In Europe

Sharia Law In Europe

Sharia law in Europe

Sharia law entered Europe after World War II when the weakened European nations withdrew from their colonies, bringing to Europe their former colonial subjects as refugees and cheap labor from such Muslim nations as Pakistan (UK), Turkey (Germany) and Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia (France).

Initially, Sharia law was applied discretely within the small Muslim enclaves of Europe. But after three generations of high birth rate and immigration into Europe, those enclaves have grown in size and number into "no go" zones (55 in Sweden alone) where Sharia law displaces civil law and has begun to challenge the Judeo-Christian foundation of their host European nations (see Spread of Islam).

Muslim Police in Wuppertal GermanyToday, Sharia law is taking root in Germany, Sweden and other European nations that threw open their doors to Muslim refugees, who are forming "Sharia Police" (left, Wuppertal, Germany) to patrol, impose and enforce Sharia law on their host nations' streets.

In Germany, lingering guilt over the Jewish holocaust casts protective eyes on Sharia, seen as the law of another religious minority. Sharia courts presided by Muslim "peace judges" now dot Germany, where even non-Muslim German judges in German courts cite Sharia law and quote from the Quran to uphold polygamy and husbands' right to beat wives when judging cases involving Muslims (see Hitler Islam and Muslims in Germany).

Muslim Street PrayerIn Austria, the government is imposing Sharia law even on its non-Muslim citizens, including Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, convicted in 2011 for making this factual statement: "We all know that Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 years old and consummated the marriage when she was 9. Now, what do we call this behavior if not pedophilia."

In France, home to 7 million Muslims, the government no longer controls the banlieus (right, below is Venice, Italy), the high-density, predominantly Muslim ghettos that encircle most French cities and where the police seldom patrol. If that were to change, the Muslim population among France's prison inmates would rise even higher than the current 70%. All meat sold in Paris is now Halal, having been sacrificed to Allah the moon god.

Venice Muslim PrayerIn Denmark, Muslims are calling for areas with large Muslim populations like Copenhagen's Tingbjerg to become Sharia law zones patrolled by Muslim religious police modeled after Saudi Arabia's muttawa to apprehend and punish all Sharia law violators. Such Muslim police already exists in Spain, where Sharia courts now threaten women for driving cars or working outside the home.

In Holland, where "Muhammad" is now the most common name for boys born in its largest four cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht), death sentences against Sharia law breakers have been carried out. High profile victims include Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn, both killed for criticizing the self-proclaimed "Religion of Peace."

In 2013, death sentences were issued against cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo and Jyllands-Posten, French and Danish newspapers, respectively, for drawing images of Muhammad.

In 2015, Muslims killed the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and massacred 130 people in Paris.

In 2016, Muslims used bombs and guns to kill 33 people in Brussels, Belgium, and trucks to kill 86 people in Nice, France and 12 people in Berlin, Germany.

In 2017, Muslims are shooting the police in France and sexually assaulting women across Europe, including 1,200 on New Years Eve in Germany alone. In Sweden, 78% of the rapes, which have risen 500%, are committed by immigrants, most of whom are Muslims (see Muslim refugees and Taharrush). In Austria, all non-Muslim women may soon be required to wear the Hijab, according to the country's president (watch below).