Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia

Islamic Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia

Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia

Sharia law in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia is the birthplace of Muhammad, Quran, Islam and the Sharia Law. The country that most strictly applies the Sharia law is also Saudi Arabia, which does not have a parallel civil legal code: Sharia is the de facto Constitution of Saudi Arabia.

Sharia is enforced in Saudi Arabia by muttawa, its religious police that seeks out and arrests violators to be flogged, imprisoned and/or beheaded (right). And being a foreigner provides no protection in Saudi Arabia, which annually beheads more foreigners than its own citizens.

97% of Saudi Arabia's 19 million citizens are Muslims, as are the majority of the 8 million foreigners who live and work in Saudi Arabia.

Can non-Muslims practice their religion in Saudi Arabia?

Non-Muslims are forbidden from practicing their religion in Saudi Arabia, where Islam is the the only religion allowed. While Muslim groups rage about even the smallest perceived slight against Islam in non-Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia crushes all non-Muslim religions within its borders.

There are no church buildings, and even a gathering of only Christians for prayers or to hear the Gospel. Christians and other non-Muslims are forced to eat halal foods that have been sacrificed to a pagan idol (see Halal), observe Ramadan, and are forbidden from setting foot in Mecca, which annually welcomes 2 million Muslim visitors on hajj.

While beheading its citizens who convert away from Islam, Saudi Arabia is busy funding the Spread of Islam in other countries to convert their citizens to Islam. Saudi oil profits, in particular, play a significant role in building mosques and madrasas around the world, including in America, and are often funneled though the Muslim Brotherhood.