Islamization of America

Accelerating Islamization of America

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Islamization of America

Islamization of AmericaIslamization of America is accelerating. In tandem with the spread of Sharia law in America's courts, Islamization of the American media, political and education systems in particular is gaining momentum and confidence, and there is near unanimity that it will continue. The drivers of the accelerating Islamization of America include the following.

Estimated to be five million, the Muslim population in USA today is about the size of the Hispanic population 27 years ago, but it is growing six times faster than the national rate, thanks to high rates of birth, immigration and conversions.

Islam's growth in American prisons is particularly troubling. About 80% of Americans who convert to a religion while in prison become Muslim, who now comprise about 20% of U.S. prison population. The conversion rate is especially high among African-American inmates.

During the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, whose father and stepfather were Muslims, Islamic groups, including Muslim Brotherhoods' Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), penetrated the highest levels of the U.S. government. The White House had a White House Muslim Advisor, who had counterpart Muslim advisors in the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, whose Senior Fellow, Mohamed Elibiary declared that USA is an "Islamic country":

Allah Moon GodMembers of the Muslim Brotherhood in the US government have security clearance and advise not only "outreach" programs to Muslims in the United States but also classified counter-terrorism programs aimed at protecting Americans from Islamic terrorism. Their 'achievements' to date include:

• Deleting Islam's violent nature and past from FBI counter-terrorism training manuals.

• Blocking the indictments of CAIR and other American Muslim Brotherhood organizations listed as unindicted co-conspirators of Holy Land Foundation (HLF), the Muslim Brotherhood "charity" convicted in 2008 of financing Hamas.

• Requiring written communication from and between government agencies to be more "Islam-friendly."

• Pushing for the prosecution of criticizing Islam as hate crimes (see Hitler & Muslim Brotherhood).

The current US administration is endeavoring to undo the damage but meeting fierce resistance from the Muslims and their allies in the government and the media. 

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