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IslambergIslamberg, located in rural upstate New York, is a 70 acre, underground-bunkered, (former*) paramilitary Islamic compound. Islamberg is the best known among 35 such compounds, ranging in size from 25 to 300 acres, that dot 22 US states. Built three decades ago, Islamberg is still owned by Jamaat al Fuqra and inspired by its leader, Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani.

Who is Islamberg's Syed Mubarak Ali Sha Gilani, and what is Jamaat al Fuqra?

Jamaat al Fuqra is the Pakistani Islamic group responsible for murders, bombings and other terrorist attacks, including in America (see Islamophobia and War Against Islam). Its chapter in America calls itself, "Muslims of America" (MOA), and actively recruits at mosques and prisons, where African-American inmates are especially targeted.

Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani is the man whose Al Qaeda links Daniel Berg, the Wall Street Journal reporter, was investigating and on his way to interview in Pakistan as arranged in 2002 when he was betrayed, kidnapped and eventually beheaded. Pakistani police arrested Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani after Berg's murder.

Islamberg has a makeshift mosque, a shack that is modestly named, "International Quranic Open University," and occasionally holds public relations events to project a non-threatening image to the non-Muslims outside (see Religion of Peace).

Away from their eyes, however, Islamberg (photo above), which is located near the reservoir that supplies most of New York City's drinking water, and the other MOA compounds in America train recruits in firearms usage, bomb making and guerilla warfare (evidence), as Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani declared in a recruiting video that was not intended for non-Muslim audiences:

"We give [our recruits] specialized training in guerilla warfare. We are at present establishing training camps. You can easily reach us at Open Quranic offices in upstate New York or in Canada or in South Carolina or in Pakistan." - Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani

* Since being exposed, the paramilitary training at Islamberg has been moved to the other, lesser-known MOA compounds. The new sign at the gate proclaims, “Welcome to Holy Islamberg: The International Quranic Open University,” while another sign claims that the compound is now the home of the “United Muslim - Christian Forum.” Christians are not united with Muslims, there are no Christians at Islamberg, and the deceptive signs are examples of Taqiyya.

Islamization of America Spread of Islam