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Voice of the MartyrsVoice of the Martyrs was founded by Richard Wurmbrand (right) in 1967. A Romanian Jew and Christian pastor, Richard Wurmbrand withstood 14 years of horrific torture for his faith by the Romanian Communists before being ransomed out to the United States, where he founded the Voice of the Martyrs.

Today, Voice of the Martyrs organizations also exist in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, South Africa and South Korea, raising money from Christians to be used to support and equip, including via Bible placement, persecuted Christians in over 50 countries. Voice of the Martyrs USA is the largest, collecting over $50 million annually.


Voice of the Martyrs supports and equips some of the most persecuted Christians in the world, including in North Korea and the closed countries of the Muslim Middle East (see Sharia Law).


1.  Voice of the Martyrs USA wastes money. The modest white warehouse below is the former headquarters of Voice of the Martyrs USA in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Voice of the Martyrs Old Headquarters

Below is Voice of the Martyrs USA's new headquarters, still in Bartlesville, custom-built for $28 million taken from general donations. God's money collected for the world's poorest and most persecuted members of the Body of Christ was used by those who collected it build a gleaming $28,000,000 office building for themselves.

Voice of the Martyrs Headquarters

2.  Voice of the Martyrs USA has not had strong Christian leadership since Richard Wurmbrand retired in 1992 and died in 2001. His successor, Tom White, was a pedophile who committed suicide in 2012 at a Voice of the Martyrs USA facility after the police were alerted about him having sexually abused a 10-year old girl.

The current president of Voice of the Martyrs USA is a retired U.S. Marine and the former mayor of Bartlesville, the small town in which Voice of the Martyrs USA is located, who came to Voice of the Martyrs USA without ministry experience, missionary experience or Christian education.

3.  Voice of the Martyrs is poorly managed. When the head of Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria was caught sexually assaulting orphan girls and stealing money from the ministry, Voice of the Martyrs USA, which finances Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria kept it covered up, forcing the reporting Christians to make a 33 minute video.

When Michael Wurmbrand, the 74-year old son of Richard Wurmbrand, called for an investigation instead of a cover up after Tom White committed suicide, Voice of the Martyrs USA fired him. Michael Wurmbrand has stated that Voice of the Martyrs USA no longer represents the vision or the values of his earthly father or heavenly Father, and has requested that Voice of the Martyrs USA stop using the story and images of him, his father and his mother to solicit donations, which he also requests to cease to be given.

4.  Some Voice of the Martyrs projects prioritize revenue generation and are expensive. Bibles Unbound for China and the more recent "prayer bands" serve as examples.

5.  Voice of the Martyrs has veered into ecumenism, away from the True Gospel

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