Muslim Refugees

Muslim Refugees From Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq

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Muslim Refugees

The number of Muslim refugees in Europe, UK and even America has risen sharply. Who are these Muslim refugees? Where did they come from, and where are they going? And what do these Muslim refugees do after they reach their destinations?

1.  Where do the Muslim refugees come from?

Muslim Refugees

According to the chart above, most of the Muslim refugees appear to be coming from the war zones of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, but this is based on what they claim. Since many arrive without passports, verifying their claims is difficult, but the demographic composition of these Muslim refugees raises serious concerns.

2.  Who are these Muslim refugees?

Refugees fleeing all other wars in history have been majority women, children, the old, and the wounded; able-bodied men of fighting age remain and fight to defend their homeland.

Below are two photos. One is of the Muslim refugees arriving in Europe by ship. The other is of 2,200 Muslim refugees just after they arrived in western Europe (Munich, Germany) by train. What do you notice about their gender, age and physical condition?

Muslim Refugees

Muslim Refugees

As the chart below confirms, the majority (71.5%) of the refugees arriving in Europe are men, including an extremely high proportion of fighting-aged (18 to 34 years) men. The Demographic Structure below shows 1.174 million (6,000 + 236,000 + 797,000 + 135,000) men (14 years & older) arriving while 0.375 million (7,000 + 114,000 + 221,000 + 33,000) women (14 years & older) arrived.

Muslim Refugees

Since men are the main combatants and casualties in war, fewer men than women should arrive as refugees. But even if the above figures were to be adjusted to an even 1:1 ratio between men and women (14 years of age & older), 799,000 men, equal to 68% of all men who arrived, exceeded the expected 1:1 gender ratio.

Who are these 68% - more than 2/3 - of the men, predominantly young and Muslim, who arrive in Europe as refugees? The answer to the next question gives us a hint.

3.  Where are the Muslim refugees going?

War refugees typically settle in a safe nation near their home country and wait for an opportunity to return home. As the map above indicates, the Muslim refugees entering Europe are venturing thousands of miles past such safe nations to reach those that offer generous welfare benefits. This hints at the answer to the above question: many if not most of the Muslim refugees, including a majority of the young men, entering Europe are not war refugees. But by posing as refugees, they both gain legal entry into Europe and receive generous welfare benefits, including free housing, food, healthcare and education.

4.  What do these predominantly male Muslim refugees do in their host nations?

Refugees are typically grateful to their hosts who receive, shelter, feed and clothe them. The Muslim refugees in Europe have expressed their gratitude to their hosts by raрing the women (see Islamophobia and Taharrush), attacking the men, and demanding that the host nations adopt Sharia law.

The chart below shows a 500% rise in rapes in Sweden. Prior to the arrival of immigrants, Sweden was one of the safest nations in the world. It now has the highest rate of raрe in the world outside Africa. Nearly 80% of the raрes in Sweden are committed by immigrants (right), the dominant majority of whom are Muslims, while almost 100% of the raрes by strangers in the neighboring Norwegian capital of Oslo in 2016 were committed by non-native Norwegian Muslim men against native Norwegian girls and women. At the bottom of this page is a video, since banned in Germany and by Facebook as hate speech, of a 16-year-old German girl pleading for protection against raрe.

Sweden Rape

Muslim Refugees Attack Police

Sharia Law in Europe

What is the solution?

1.  End the Schengen Convention and re-establish border controls.
2.  Stop the Muslim immigration.
3.  Deport the army of Muslim men who behave as above. They are war makers, not war refugees.

See Stop Islam for the other steps that must be taken. None of these steps will be easy, but the choice before Europe is to take them and survive or not take them and prepare to live under Sharia law.

Should any refugees be retained or accepted?

Yes, the Christians, whom the Muslims are exterminating in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Nigeria and elsewhere in the Middle East and Africa (see War against Islam). They are the real refugees who will face death if they were to return home.

ISIS Christians

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