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East Gates InternationalHeaded by the son of a famous American evangelist, East Gates International provides Bibles to both Three Self and house church Christians in China.


Because East Gates International buys Bibles directly from Amity Printing inside China, East Gates International has the potential to serve as the lowest cost provider of Bibles to the persecuted Christians in China.


In 2008, East Gates International's website stated having provided 2 million Bibles to Chinese Christians, at the rate of 1 Bible for every $5 donated. This meant that East Gates International had received $10 million in donations ($5 x 2 million), and spent about $2 million ($1 x 2 million) to purchase those Bibles from Amity Printing. Curious about the $8 million shortfall, BillionBibles.org wrote to East Gates International as follows in 2008:

Dear Sir/Madam:

Greetings in Christ.

Compared to smuggling Bibles into China or having Bibles clandestinely printed inside China, your "Project Light", which takes advantage of Amity Printing Company's massive economies of scale, appears to be the most efficient, lowest-cost model for supplying Bibles to the House Churches of China.

While that is great, it raises the following question:

Bibles printed by Amity Printing can be purchased at Three Self churches in China starting at around $0.90 to $1.20. Could you please advise why Amity-printed Bibles distributed by East Gates International cost 4 to 5 times more at $5 per copy?

Thank you in advance for your response.


East Gates International promptly replied via email as below:

Dear BillionBibles.org;

We appreciate your inquiry. You ask a very logical question and we have a logical answer.

The Amity Printing Press of which we visited back in April and May of this year just moved to a brand new facility which will enable them to print and produce far more Bibles per month than ever before. At present, they are able to print any type of Bible in multiple languages and formats. Many are for export to other countries like in Africa, Europe and Latin America. With respect to the Chinese version alone, they are able to print Bibles in Braille, pocket-size, bilingual (Chinese/English), giant-size print and as you probably know, different versions (i.e. NIV, Living Application Bible, Student-version, RSV etc.) There are leather-bound and soft-bound Bibles as well as ones with zippered covers.

Working with the Three-Self churches and House churches for over 18 years now, we have helped the CCC develop many of their present 70 distribution points throughout China. If we're not mistaken, the $.90 to $1.20 Bibles you're referring to are the standard Chinese Union Bibles that have the black, hard cardboard covers that measure about 5" x 7" if not smaller. We choose to provide a higher quality of Bible and depending on the quantity and location of where it needs to be shipped to in China, we need to cover for those expenditures as well. China is a huge country and despite the fact there are 70 Bible distribution points, not all points are accessible to believers in certain areas.

I hope this information has been helpful and answers your questions.

May you be in the center of God's will in all you do.


East Gates Ministries International

Since $0.90-1.20 was the retail - not the wholesale - price of Amity Bibles inside China in 2008, East Gates was asked again as below in 2008:

Thank you for your email.

You wrote, "We choose to provide a higher quality of Bible..."

Precisely which Bible (size, cover material, product ID?) do you provide and how much do you pay to Amity for each copy of your Bible? Can others buy this Bible from Amity as well, and if so, for the same price you pay?

Thank you in advance.


To date, East Gates has not replied to the latter enquiry. For a recent update please click here.

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