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Amity Press(continued from UBS China)

What should Amity Press do?

•  Amity Press should fill bulk orders from China's house churches. Amity Press should also supply Xinhua Bookstore and other bookstores and chains.

•  In fact, Amity Press should be selling Bibles to everyone. If cults like Eastern Lightning, New Testament Church or Shouters order Bibles, Amity Press should fill their orders. The only antidote to their heresies and the dangers they pose to the Chinese society is the true Word of God.

•  Amity Press should stop its shameful practice of hiking prices for foreigners who buy its Bibles to give to poor Chinese Christians (for an update on this, click here).

•  Amity Press also should print and sell an accurate Chinese translation of the original Bible.

What else can be done to deliver more Amity-printed Bibles to the Chinese Christians?

•  According to one large Western protestant denomination, for every $1 spent on missions, its congregations spend $5 on the interest payments (not even the principal) on church building mortgages. More money needs to flow to the Western Bible organizations that supply Chinese Christians, who need Bibles more than Western Christians need buildings and social events.

•  More funds should also flow from the wealthy churches in China to provide Bibles to the poor Chinese Christians.

•  China's house church Christians should recognize that buying Bibles at Three Self churches no longer poses risks and should learn to distribute Bibles purchased at the Three Self churches.

Wouldn’t that reduce the supply of Amity-printed Bibles in China?

To claim that China does not lack Bibles, Chinese Communist Party showcases Bibles lining the shelves of its Three Self churches. Whenever the house church Christians empty those shelves, they will need to be restocked for the government's claim to hold, and Amity has the capacity to boost production as needed.

On January 11, 2012, Amity was emailed as below:

Dear Nanjing Amity Printing Company,

The world is curious about your continued development as a Bible printer. We would appreciate your answers to the following questions:

In 2011, how many complete (containing both Old & New Testament) Chinese Bibles did you print and ship to the Three Self Churches in China?

In 2011, how many complete (containing both Old & New Testament) Chinese Bibles did you print and ship to buyers in China who were NOT associated with the Three Self Church?

Up to how many Chinese Bibles can a buyer in China who is NOT associated with the Three Self Church purchase from you per order, and how long do you require to fill such orders?

When do you plan to print and make available in China the New King James Version (NKJV) Bible, both on its own and as the English half of English-Chinese Bibles?

Thank you in advance for your responses.


To date, no response has been received from Amity.

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