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Bible Organizations Asia Harvest East Gates
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Bible Organizations

Below are some of the key organizations that supply Bibles to and aid Christians, including in China, North Korea and the Muslim nations. While substantially more resources should flow to such organizations in general, please click on the links and read about each organization's strengths and weaknesses. Please be advised that is not associated or affiliated with any of the organizations below.

Bible Organization $/Bible Distinction
HeartCry $0 < Recipients retain dignity
Amity Printing $1.50 Refuses to supply persecuted Christians
Asia Harvest $1.80 Supplies persecuted Christians in China
Bible League $4.00 Currently in post-merger integration
Open Doors $5.00 Active in Muslim nations and North Korea
American Bible Society
East Gates International Bible Society NSW
For every $5.00-$6.50 donated, distributes in China one Bible bought from Amity Printing that retails for $1.50-$1.90 in China
Voice of the Martyrs $6.00 $6 per Bible for both China and North Korea
China Outreach Ministries n/a Evangelizes Chinese students in America
Global Media Outreach n/a Entirely web-based but unbiblical content

The table above is presented with the reminder of the evolving Christian persecution in China. While the need for more Bibles persists in areas of China, the more pressing need now is for more Bible teachers who can teach the true gospel, as well as an accurate Chinese Bible translation.

Meanwhile, the hundreds of thousands of Chinese students studying in the West (300,000 in USA alone) present unprecedented opportunities for Western Christians to be missionaries to China without leaving their homes and with religious freedoms unavailable in China.

The West is also becoming the spiritual frontline against Sharia law, Muslim Brotherhood and other elements of Islam - the renewed principal thrust of Satan's attack against Christianity - as it spreads into Europe, UK, Canada and America.

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